Mizuno Wave Evo Ferus- Women’s-REVIEW

The dry and dirty specifications of the shoe such as weight, heel-toe drop, etc are available on plenty of websites (This one is good:Specs). Here is my review of the shoe after 70 miles in them.

I use them ~60% of the time for trail running, ~25% off-road running (dirt surfaces parallel to roads), and ~15% on roads. First impression out of the box was that they fit great. They hug the heels and the inner lining pushes up nicely against my arches. Of course, this fit will vary depending on your foot anatomy ( here is some information about my foot measurements) and other review sites tend to describe this shoe as having minimal arch support.

The tongue and lace feel is snug as well. It feels secure without hot spots. The hugginess of the shoe loosens a bit as you move toward the front of the shoe, as the very flexible last and wider toe box allow for wiggle. The shoe feels very flat and flush with the ground, no rockered sole in any way. The lugs are like little asterisks and they do a good job on the trail, but feel surprisingly comfortable on asphalt. You can feel the texture of the lug shapes but they are cushy enough to run on the road for 3-10 miles at a time without feeling uncomfortable.

The word that keeps coming to my mind is “accurate”. The stable but snug feel of the shoe makes me feel very nimble. It’s a shoe you forget about and have fun in. I have more supportive trail shoes (Nike Wildhorse) as well as extremely minimalist trail shoes (New Balance Minimus Trail Zero), and the Mizunos feel appropriately in the middle of any scale in terms of softness and support, maybe a little closer to the minimalist end.

They are holding up very well and I really like these shoes. Great purchase if you love light trail shoes with wider toe boxes and minimal support. IMG_0625



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