SHARK Wheels on my Penny Nickel

I have no idea where I first heard of Shark Wheels but I backed them on Indiegogo and received my 60mm orange wheels last week. I have since taken them out around town in Cambridge, MA commuting to the Harvard campus and generally just joy-riding. Here is my review!

I think the standard Penny wheels were 60mm, but I had a hard time riding over the mountainous terrain that is Boston. The sidewalks are just a musical sequence of ridges and cracks as well as the occasional tree root just busting up the concrete like it ain’t no thang. The roads aren’t much better–large gravel/stones galore, cracks, potholes, etc. A lot of Boston-area sidewalks are actually brick, so it gets pretty bumpy. All of this made me think “I would love a smoother ride”, so I got bigger, soft wheels in the form of Cloud Rides. I think they are 66mm, 80a. They stuck out a lot more on the sides and I had to get used to that (read: I would hit the wheels with my shoe sometimes and get my own sort of wheel-bite). However, they did feel much softer and smoother, and I enjoyed riding around town all last summer. They held up great, too.

I came across Shark Wheels and was mostly captivated by the claim that the wheels actually flick rubble aside rather than just try and mow over them like a standard wheel. This would theoretically help ride over road blemishes more easily as well as providing a smoother feel. With another harsh winter gone and the freshly scarred spring roads for conquest, I decided to give them a try.

I freaking love them. Even though they are much smaller than my Clouds, they really do go over bumps and rocks more easily. The first afternoon with these wheels and I felt much more confident approaching obstacles. My usual “ready to jump off at any moment” attitude began to wane.

I can’t speak to the slide as I never learned how to do that, sadly. But I definitely enjoy carving/pumping up and down driveways and obstacles, and pedaling full speed down the streets. They still bow once every few blocks to a harsh sidewalk ridge, but the overall riding experience has been great.

FYI I ride a Penny Nickel board with Reds bearings and Bones soft bushings, with griptape (I don’t understand how people ride without–the slightest moisture on the board/shoes and your foot will slide right off!). IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0610

Former wheels: Cloud Ride Mini Slide 66mm 80a
Former wheels: Cloud Ride Mini Slide 66mm 80a

One thought on “SHARK Wheels on my Penny Nickel

  1. awesome! I have 70mm and will never ride anything else… they are becoming super popular out here on the West Coast. Anyone else reading this… just try them! Trust me


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