About Me, About Rory, and About Pia

About Me:

I am a Harvard University researcher who loves stuff. If I am interested in something, I research the heck out of it and seek to become “in the know”. For example, I was in the market for a new mattress last year and after thorough self-education, I called a mattress distributor with my exact requirements to which he asked “are you in the business?” and then confessed that he’s never sold that particular luxury mattress for nearly as cheap as I just got it.

In my quest for consumer knowledge, I find plenty of redundant information recounting the dry marketing specifications of an item. I hope that my reviews give a more human and concrete idea of how the item performs. I will try to provide as much rater information as possible so that you can tare my evaluations to your needs.

On a more personal note, I am hopelessly in love with animals and cry at any sob story involving the death of a pet. As such, please do not be surprised nor displeased at the intermittent sharing of pictures of my cats. 🙂

I enjoy reading science fiction. I am nearing the end of “Wool”, and eager to begin “Annihilation” by Jeff Vandermeer. At the risk of alienating myself, I did not much enjoy “Dune” by Frank Herbert.

I am a tomboy who likes to snowboard, skateboard, golf and jog. However, I am also a skincare freak, all about the natural ingredients, and will happily share thoughts on the products I try.

About Rory:

A back-sleeping 10 year old shelter rescue,  Rory is solely responsible for converting several cat-apathetic or cat-slightly disliking friends into cat-lovers and even cat-parents. This is due to his happy go lucky personality and clumsiness, as any of his attempts to jump onto the lowly coffee table can result in a slip and crash. He is the most connected cat I have ever known. He walks into the room and says hello, but if you had him locked out for a while, his “hello” sounds much more like an internalized grumble. If you sneak up and scare him, he will fall on his rump and “row ROW ow” that he was scared. He loves belly rubs and is okay with anything you throw his way.



About Pia:

Pia is 5lbs of fury. She was rescued as a 5 year old from a shelter and clearly had a colorfully wild past. She sees dogs walking down the sidewalk and stands in their way, nary an intention to move. She’s befuddled a neighbor carrying bags of groceries as she made them walk off the sidewalk to circumvent her. But her street persona is most betrayed by her sweetness up close to me and to others. She is a tiny package who will balance all four paws on your forearm and purr happily. She loves nothing more than to corral us human monkeys outside to enjoy the fresh air with her. She stays with you and loves a good chase. Her tail becomes a playful arc and she gallops up a tree and back down to chase you back.


Processed with Rookie
Processed with Rookie

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