Brooks PureDrift REVIEW

My Ronald McDonald shoes! Here is a review after approximately 35 miles of road running.

My partner teased me about the wide toe box of the shoes and called them Ronald McDonald shoes, but I don’t think they look that bad. I bought these specifically seeking a really wide toe box, so at least I got what I wanted!

I tend to wear minimalist type shoes like the New Balance Minimus Trail Zero, so the PureDrifts were pleasantly cushy out of the box. They feel squishy and supportive, but not bulky. They almost make you prance a bit in celebration. The profile of the shoe is a bit rockered with the toe part curling up. This added to the “I want to move” feeling after putting these shoes on, as though they weren’t designed for you to just stand statuesquely still.

The burrito tongue flap is really comfortable. It hugs the top of my foot beautifully. The laces are rarely adjusted–I just slip out of the shoe with the laces still tied, and need to untie the bow (but not pull out any more of the lacing) to get my foot back in. The laces are a tad long and make for extra large ribbon bows, but this is a negligible con.

This shoe doesn’t have a whole lot of arch support, even though the inner lining looks very arch-supportive. It doesn’t feel deficient in this regard, just mildly supportive.

I got these to replace my work out Nike Free 5.0s which were equally cushy and flexible. The Nike’s felt much steeper in the heel-toe drop, and had a narrower toe box, though not uncomfortable. In comparison, however, the PureDrifts feel nice and flat and with a very unstructured toe area. There is ample room for the toes to spread apart as well as up.

My only gripe with these is the hot spot I got under my right big toe after mile 3 or so. It might have to do with the assembly/stitching of the inside, but I haven’t been able to fix that problem. For this reason, I would argue that these shoes are fantastic for walking/casual wear. If I didn’t get the hot spot, I would highly  recommend these for road running.

Feel free to reference my foot measurements to gauge how my experience might stack up against yours. IMG_0620 IMG_0621 IMG_0622 IMG_0605 IMG_0624